Choosing A Breeder

Once you have done your research and you have chosen the breed that best suits your family and lifestyle, the next challenge will be choosing the breeder of your new family member.  This step is just as important as finding the perfect breed for you as you want your puppy to have the very best start to their life.  The first months of a puppy’s life can affect how they will be for the rest of their lives.  You want to find a breeder that knows what they are doing and does everything possible to give each and every one of their puppies the best start to their lives.  You’ll also want a breeder that will be there for you, to help you and guide you when you need it.  You need a breeder that will take the time to have a relationship with you and make you feel comfortable to come to them when you need advice.  Your breeder knows your puppy better than anyone and should always be your ‘go to’ person when you need help.

Where To Find A Breeder 

1. Look for breeder listings on purebred dog registries such as the Canadian Kennel Club or the American Kennel Club.

 2. Look up Regional and National Breed Clubs, they will have breeder listings.  This is the best place to find reputable breeders as these are the people who are working to promote and better the breed.   

3. Visit a dog show or competition to meet the breeders. 

4.  Kijiji, Buy & Sell Websites/Facebook Groups, etc are NOT the place to find reputable breeders.  

Questions for the Breeder About the Breeder

 1. What can you tell me about the breed? History, purpose and overall behavior?

2. What genetic or health issues are problems in the breed? 

3. How long have you been breeding dogs? 

4. May I see your Kennel Registration Certificate? 

5. What is your application process?

6. Can I get a copy of the contract/guarantee? 

7. Are the puppies sold outright or on co-ownership? Why? 

8. Which organization will the puppies be registered with? (CKC, AKC?) 

9. Do you require a fenced yard?

10. Do you require a specific diet? 

11. What is your policy on spay and neuter? 

12.  What is your guarantee on hip dysplasia?

13.  What are your recommendations for vaccinations? 

14.  What is the return policy for the puppy? 

15. What is the policy on refunds? Is there is condition or time limit?  

16.  Do you have references?  

17.  Can we visit to see where the puppies are being raised?

Questions About This Breeding 

1. Why did you choose to do this particular breeding? 

2. What are your goals for this litter? 

3. May I see the sire and dam? (Sometimes the sire may live elsewhere so you may not be able to meet him)

4. Have you done any genetic testing on the sire/dam? Results? 

5. Have you done hip/elbow/eye exams? Results?

6. May I see the sire and dam’s health clearances? 

7. Does the sire have conformation or performance titles?  What are they? 

8. Does the dam have conformation or performance titles? What are they? 

9. Can we see the pedigree?

Questions About The Puppies

1. Will the puppy be examined by a vet before going home? 

2. What vaccines will the puppy receive?

3. Is the puppy microchipped?

 4. What puppy rearing protocols are being used? (ENS, Adventure Box, Puppy Culture etc.) 

5. Do you ship puppies? 

6. Do you allow the buyer to pick the puppy or does the breeder assign the puppy based on what the buyer needs and the puppy’s behavior? 

7. Has behavioral testing been done on the puppy? What kind of testing is done? 

8. How long is the puppy kept for? Puppies should not be rehomed before 8 weeks of age at the very earliest. 

9. What kind of support do you provide after we get the puppy home?

10. Do you breed your female on every heat cycle?

11. How many litters do your females have before retiring?

12. Do you register all of your puppies?

For an excellent article on how to find a reputable breeder, click HERE.

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