Available Aussies

The wait list for our 2024 litter is now open. Please completely fill out our puppy application in order to be considered.

We occasionally have adult dogs available to local homes only. If you live within an hour or two of us and are interested in an adult dog, please completely fill out our puppy application and in the notes section, let us know that you are interested in an adult aussie.

Please read the information below before contacting us about available puppies.

Please expect delays in a response from us as our main priority is spending time with our dogs, so we don’t spend a lot of time on the computer answering messages. We will only respond to puppy applications that are filled out completely with all of the information that we ask for in our questionaire.

Please do your research about the breed before filling out a puppy application. Aussies are beautiful dogs but need an owner with experience training dogs, with the ability to provide them with a secure fenced in yard for meeting their exercise requirements. We also do not recommend the breed to anyone with young children who do not have experience with herding dogs.


Do you have a wait list?

The average wait for a Novacoast puppy is around a year. If you are only set on a certain color or sex of puppy it can be longer than this as it could take a while to have a puppy in your color/sex preference that is a good fit for your family.

How do I get on your wait list?

In order to be added to our wait list, we require a completely filled out puppy application. Once we receive your application, we ask any questions that we may have about your answers. We then send you a copy of our contract so that you can read it over to make sure that you are ok with it. If you are ok with the contract, we then ask for references. If your references are good, we arrange to meet with you. If you live too far away we get to know you better through email or phone calls. We then add the family to our wait list.

Can we visit you to meet your dogs?

We do not have a kennel, our dogs live with us inside our home. Since covid has started we no longer allow people in to our home. If you would like to meet outside in our yard or go for a walk at a local park with us we can arrange that. At this time, we have no plans of opening our home for the safety of all involved. If you would like to speak to someone who has been in our home to see how our dogs live, we can provide references for you to talk to.

Do you use Puppy Culture to raise your litters?

We have purchased both the Puppy Culture and Avidog puppy raising programs but have found that what we were already doing works best for our puppies. Some of the things that we do to raise our puppies are in these programs but there are lots of other things that we do differently.

What We Look For In Homes For Our Australian Shepherds:

Our main priority is finding the absolutely best homes possible for our Australian Shepherd puppies. Some of the things that we look for in a home for our puppies:

1) A home experienced in training high energy, intelligent dogs.

2) An active home that enjoys outdoor adventures, hiking, beach trips, etc.

3) A home that does not have children under 10 years old, the exception would be an experienced aussie owner.

4) A home that provides a secure fenced in area with plenty of room for an aussie to exercise and have potty breaks.

5) A home that will give their aussie a job, this can include obedience/agility training.

6) A home that will be committed to the well-being of their Australian Shepherd. 

7) A home that will stay in touch providing updates on their Novacoast Aussie throughout his or her life.

Research Your Dog Breeder!

Do your research!  Not all breeders are created equally!  Just because a breeder registers their puppies does NOT mean that they are a reputable breeder.  Don’t be afraid to “interview” your breeder, they will be happy that you are asking questions.  Look for a breeder who shows their dogs, who does health testing and doesn’t breed their dogs if they fail(official OFA results for hips and elbows cannot be given until the dog is at least 2 years old…ask to see the results), who waits until their girls are at least two years old before they are bred so that the girls are mentally and physically mature and who is committed to the breed.  A breeder that does not overbreed their dogs. No female should be bred more than two times on back to back heats no matter what excuse the breeder uses. There really is no need for any female to be bred more than 3 or 4 times and then retired. Look for someone who belongs to breed clubs and all breed clubs and is looking out for the future of the breed and purebred dogs.   A good breeder is one that will always be there for the life of your puppy to answer any questions or concerns and is willing to help their puppy owners.

Please read these guidelines on how to choose a responsible and reputable breeder.  Click HERE to check out the breeder checklist.

How We Do Things

Our dogs are a part of our family and are our pets first. Our dog’s care and happiness is our main priority. Our girls are not bred until they are over 2 years old and have completed their health testing and are physically and mentally mature. We will not breed any of our dogs if they fail any of their health clearances. We NEVER breed our girls two heats in a row. Our girls have at least a year, sometimes even 2 or 3 years between their litters. On average, our girls have two to three litters and are then retired from our breeding program.

Our puppies come with full health guarantees and are only placed in pre-approved homes.  To be considered for a Novacoast puppy you must fill out our PUPPY APPLICATION.  Please answer the questions with as much detail as possible as the more information you provide to us the easier our job is of matching you with a puppy that best fits your lifestyle.  Reservations are highly recommended as waiting lists start before the puppies are even born.  We do not take reservations based on color preference alone, we cannot guarantee that just because a puppy is the color that you like that he or she would be a good fit for you and your family.  It is more important for us to provide you with a puppy that has the drive, energy level and personality that best matches your needs.  If there is a certain color that you would prefer please be prepared to wait for several litters until we have the best match for you.

Litter evaluations are done between 8 and 9 weeks of age, eye exams and vet checks are also done around this time.  After all evaluations, vet exams and eye exams we will decide where each puppy will be going and who will be staying with us.  We always get first pick of any of our litters.  Our puppies do not leave us until they are at least 10 weeks old at the earliest.  We are very careful as to where we place our puppies.  Great care is taken to match the right puppy with the right owner.  We will be asking lots of questions and asking for lots of references.  If you are not willing to take the time to answer our questions and provide us with the references that we request, please do not be offended when we refuse to sell you a puppy.  Our main priority is the welfare of our puppies, we are responsible for bringing them into the world and we take our job of finding them the perfect home very seriously!  Before we agree to place a puppy we will send you a copy of our contract.  Please take the time to read over the contract carefully.  If there is a clause in our contract that you do not intend to follow please do not purchase a puppy from us.

We put a lot of care and work into each litter, every Novacoast puppy is very special!  All litters are born in our bedroom and are later moved into our living room when they are about 3 to 4 weeks old.  We spend a great amount of time playing with our puppies and socializing them from a very young age.  We believe that every puppy needs a good start to life.  When you purchase a Novacoast puppy you become a part of the Novacoast family.  We will always be available to provide support and to answer questions.  We will look forward to updates and pictures throughout the life of your new puppy.  We stand behind our puppies 100% !

Please click HERE to go to our Puppy Application.

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